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Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > 509 “Star-Crossed”

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Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > Season 5 > 507 “Eve of Destruction”
Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > Season 5 > 508 “A Reptile Dysfunction”

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New photos added to the Bree Turner Source Gallery from last night’s aTVfest 2016 – “Grimm” event.

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This week’s episode of Grimm is capped and added to the Bree Turner Source Gallery.

Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > 506 “Wesen Nacht”

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Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > 504 “Maiden Quest”

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15. Bree Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell figured out they had chemistry pretty quickly

We asked Silas Weir Mitchell about when he realized he had onscreen chemistry with costar Bree Turner, who plays his Fuchsbau wife Rosalee and he has this to say: “I think it was probably for me when we did the episode where she got scratched, it was a porcupine episode, and she attacked me in the spice shop and knocked me against a thing, and she was really getting into it. It was our first day and we did a picnic thing and it’s hard for actors to figure that shit out. “Do you work the way I work?” You’re being forced in this very unnatural way to break normal human boundaries. And we both handled it very well. She was unafraid and I was very cool with what she was doing and she was cool with what I was doing and that’s when you’re like “All right, this person is cool and we can work together.” And that’s all you can really ask for. No one’s throwing a hissy fit, no one’s getting super self-conscious, everyone’s cool and acting super normal.”

Whereas Bree felt it happened immediately: “I auditioned in LA, I was booked on tape, and I never met Silas, and day one was the fucking craziest professional experience of my life. I auditioned, and was on a plane within thirty six hours, there was a huge storm, it was January up here, and I landed and I went straight to costumes and then straight to set and then met Silas for the first time, morphed for the first time, discovered my brother’s dead body, and then was chased by Skalengecks… I couldn’t believe it was my first day, I thought it would be a walk through a scene kind of day, and it was most of the heaviest parts of the episode. It was also great because if I couldn’t handle that, there was no way I could handle the show because we are full throttle here. We basically shoot a feature film in eight days, we deal with extreme weather conditions and massive amounts of pages each day, so you got to be in it. So meeting Silas, I had not seen his work before, but he’s just so talented, such a presence, and we had a similar outlook on the work and that was apparent from the first moment, so I was like “okay I think this is going to work.””


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Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > 502 “Clear and Wesen Danger”
Bree Turner Source Gallery > Grimm > 503 “Lost Boys”

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